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Business Trust Solutions LTD Client Meeting


A Business that you can Trust


BTS Logo Business Trust Solutions offer security and consultancy services
  • First Aid Training 

  • Security Training

  • Key Holding Services

  • Alarm & Response Services

  • Manned Guarding Services

  • K9 Dog Handling Security Services

  • CCTV Installation and Monitoring

  • Digital Marketing Consultancy

  • Cleaning Services


Business Trust Solutions (BTS) consists of various businesses grouping together as a collective.  Each business has decades of experience, expertise, and accreditations in its own sector.  Above all, we can offer expert and personal consultancy services that are all geared around you.

Business Trust Solutions LTD working alongside Greater Manchester Police


Consultancy services can be highly beneficial for individuals and organisations alike. These services provide access to experienced professionals with specialised knowledge and expertise in a particular field. They can offer objective insights and recommendations, helping clients to identify opportunities, solve problems, and make informed decisions. Consultants can also bring fresh perspectives and new ideas to the table, challenging existing assumptions and encouraging innovation. Furthermore, consultancy services can help clients to save time and money by providing access to resources and tools that may not be available in-house. Overall, consultancy services can be an effective way to improve performance, increase efficiency, and achieve strategic goals.

Greater Manchester Police and Business Trust Solutions LTD

Why use a consultancy company such as BTS


Business Trust Solutions LTD

2 - 4 Beech Street


M26 1GH

0161 791 5505


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