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Business Trust Solutions LTD working alongside Greater Manchester Police at a retail park

Manned Guarding Security Service

Any damage sustained due to burglary or vandalism can cause great financial and emotional impact. We at BTS Security understand this, which is why our security services offer personnel to provide a visual deterrent against theft and vandalism, even if your property is covered by CCTV. It is always beneficial to have a physical presence to react quickly and appropriately ensuring any threatening or potentially dangerous situation is handled promptly and effectively.

Due to a decrease in funds for Policing resulting in substantial increases in their response times, there has been an increase in the deployment of Security Officers across the UK.

We offer Manned Guarding services to clients across the UK including London, Birmingham, and the North West.

Our Manned Guarding Services Include

With our flexibility and skill set, BTS can offer services such as concierge, receptionist and caretaker roles in addition to the provision of dual role officers that provide value-added services. We have the ability to tailor our manned security to suit a whole range of bespoke needs.

  • Commercial guarding

  • Construction guarding

  • Retail guarding

  • Site evictions

  • Car park management

  • Dynamic guarding services

  • Event security

  • Concierge security

  • Trespass management

  • Residential guarding

  • Vacant property guarding

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Areas Covered

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