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Manned Guarding Security in Retail

BTS offers security solutions in a number of methods. The most popular being Manned Guarding Security in the retail sector. Due to increases in retail loss prevention figures, a number of high street stores have always had security measures in place. Whether it be a guard keeping a high profile presence at the entry or exit point of a store, or a plain clothes security officer walking around the store, BTS supply's well trained retail security staff for all aspects of loss prevention. Within BTS there is over 50 years of experience in loss prevention. Training given from qualified SIA tutors and further on site training from our expert who has over 30 experience working as a front line Police officer for the GMP (Greater Manchester Police).

In recent times we have seen an increase in retail parks across the UK. They offer free parking and a peaceful shopping experience away from congested city centres. BTS acknowledges the different security format used in retail parks and has gained contracts in this area. From experience, BTS has trained its security officers to recognise security threats and to work alongside other agencies including the police to reduce loss prevention and to give shoppers a better experience.

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